Hello YR 10 and welcome to SohamDT! You will find all the work you need to complete on this page including all the links you will need.


You will be working on a new project which will involve you researching, designing and modelling a product for use in the home. This is a practice piece of coursework to get you used to finding problems and get you prepared for YR 11.

Click on the red PDF button if you have a windows or mac computer to take you through to the powerpoint which will guide you through the project. Click on the powerpoint logo if you have Microsoft office on your computer!

Feel free to complete your work on the booklet provided electronically or on paper you have at home.


If you have any questions throughout the project please email your class teacher and they will be able to assist you!

Good Luck and enjoy!

Week 1:

Looking for problems in the given context

Week 2:

Finding a user and interviewing them

Week 3:

Investigating the area / space

Week 4:

Researching the products involved and Product Analysis

Mr Pearce is making tutorial videos to help you all with your practice coursework project. Just click the play button to take you to the video!

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Youtube button.png

Extension Work:

If you haven't yet finished making your light on Sketch up you can continue from home!

Just click on the red PDF logo to the right to open up the power point slides which show you how to lay out your sketch up screenshots. 

Good Luck!

Starter Activities:

Start your day or week with a quick product analysis activity!

Pick a product and answer the three questions in as much detail as you can!

Get a sibling or parent to test you!

Week 1

Week 2