Make sure you email your teacher your completed work every two weeks - Make sure the email has your year group and class in the subject!

Hello YR 9 and welcome to SohamDT! You will find all the work you need to complete on this page including all the links you will need.


You will be working on a new project which will involve you researching, designing and modelling a Hide to be used by nature photographers. You can complete the project electronically or on paper. You can create your final design by sketching, Sketch up or Modelling out of materials found in the home. Or you can do all three!

Click on the red PDF button to take you through to the powerpoint which will guide you through the project.


If you have any questions throughout the project please email your class teacher and they will be able to assist you!

Good Luck and enjoy!

Week 1:

Mind map and mood board

Week 2:

Product Analysis

Week 3:


Week 4:

Design Ideas

Week 5:

Final Idea

Week 6:

Modelling of Final Idea

Week 7:

Create your own nature documentary

Week 8:

Film your nature documentary

YR 8&9 Hide Project.JPG
Cover pic for cartoon strip.JPG

NASA Space Project

After nearly two decades of effort, Space X successfully launched its first two people into orbit on Saturday the 30th May 2020.
Before humans travel to and settle on Mars, NASA must practice with the Moon. The moon is closer and cheaper to get to and also easier to live on.

You are going to design a Moon base that the first group of humans will live on to practice for living on Mars.
You need to draw out some ideas and then a final idea with annotation.

You will be watching a series of videos, designing your moon base, modelling it then evaluating it.


Click on the powerpoint or PDF button to get started!

Good Luck and enjoy!

Week 1:

Watch the four videos on the PDF / powerpoint

Week 2:

Design a moon base on two sheets of paper

Week 3:

Make a model of your final design idea

Week 4:

Evaluate your design using the key words

Cover image.JPG

Extension Work:

If you haven't yet made a money box on Sketch Up then you can! Just follow the videos on You Tube. 

Just click on the image to the right to take you to the videos! If you've never used Sketch Up before then you may need to watch the first couple of videos on how to make the Photo frame from YR 7.

Good Luck!

YR 9 Sketchup.JPG